• Justine Ezarik

Apple Watch! First in line!

There are only a few retail outlets that will be carrying the Apple Watch at launch. I think this might be one of the only places in the US that has them to purchase in store on day one.. which is kinda crazy!

Above is a shot from the Paris launch at Colette, a small fashion boutique store that I stole from Apple Insider.

I will be getting my sport today so look for the unboxing and first impressions this weekend!

I made the mistake of originally ordering the 38mm and after trying them on at the Apple Store, realized it was a little smaller than I thought. So, I kept that order to assure I’d have it day one to show to you guys and re-ordered at 42mm steel.

Lots of Apple Watch videos coming soon! Make sure you're subscribed to my youtube channel if you aren't already!  

Be sure to check our Richard Ryan's channel because.. unfortunately he will be shooting his watches with high powered weapons :)

What do you guys think of all the hype? Will the watch live up to it?

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