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Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB!!!

I was on the search for a new USB hub.. and came across this Star Wars R2-Q5 one!


Here's a really great review from someone on Amazon who has already purchased this.. clearly, it's awesome. 5 Star Review - Thanks TekkieTom:

This is a well made and very nicely painted model of the R2-Q5, a black version of R2-D2, that shows up in one of the movies. When you plug it into one of your computer's USB ports, it swivels its head about 20 degrees left, and then back across to 20 degrees to the right, does that about 4 times when plugged in. At the same time it makes R2 beeping sounds, like you hear many times in the movies, which basically is R2 language!

The color of the highlights are a Copper color, which looks to be a perfect match for an actual photo I saw published on the Net of the droid in the movie, even though I have seen websites claim it should be gold, and one site said this item itself had red highlights.

Every 3 minutes of being idle it makes a quick single back and forth swivel of its head, again with R2 sounds. The very top round part of the head is a button - press that and it also does a quick single back and forth swivel of its head, although a little faster. And it makes sounds and swivels when you plug in an actual USB flash drive.

I searched all over the Net for reviews of this item and could not find out if you can turn the sounds off. Well, you can! R2-Q5 does have a switch to turn off the sounds. It is flush with the case, and located just above the USB cord connection point. It is not immediately apparent, which explains all the reviews on the Net not mentioning it. With the sounds turned OFF the head still swivels back and forth every 3 minutes, and you can still make it swivel back and forth on demand by pushing the button on the top - but you just get no sound.

The front LED light "sensor" light blinks blue then red at all times, non-stop. The sensor light on the back blinks on and off an amber yellow color. There is no switch to tun off the lights, but you can just unplug it from your computer to do that (remember that USB is hot swappable, you can do that all you want and it will not bother your computer - as long as there is no drive in any of the R2's ports).

You will need a display location for this R2 that has about 6 inches clearance for the height, and about 4 inches clearance front to back and 4 inches side to side.

When plugged into my computer running Windows 7 it was detected perfectly, and it transferred files from a flash drive (thumb drive) as normal, no discernible issues (I did not run benchmarks on the file transfer times).

So... what do you think? lol

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